Joint Meetings with the London Mathematical Society

There have been two joint meetings with the London Mathematical Society.

The first was held in Trinity College Dublin on March 21-22, 1986. The topic was C*-Algebras and Operator Theory. The speakers were E. C. Lance (Leeds), R. G. Douglas (Stonybrook), W. B. Arveson (Berkeley) and A. Connes (Paris). The organiser was T. T. West.

The second was held in London on May 22 and 23, 1998 with the topic Complex analysis and dynamical systems . A list of speakers and futher information is available.

British Mathematical Colloquium

The 2004 British Mathematical Colloquium in Belast (5-8 April) was organised as a joint venture with the IMS.

The 2009 British Mathematical Colloquium in Galway, April 6-9 was also a joint meeting with the IMS.

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