Ethics and Professional Conduct

The Irish Mathematical Society aims to further mathematics and mathematical research in Ireland. As such, we expect that our mathematical activities should be conducted in a professional and ethical way. This should extend to all aspects of our mathematical activities, including education, assessment of education, conduct of research, assessment of research, treatment of our peers and colleagues, applications of our mathematics and general social responsibilities.

The Bulletin of the Society has a Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement

Detailed guidelines for mathematicians have been drawn up by the European Mathematical Society and The American Mathematical Society, including

Further discussion has been provided by, for example, the European Mathematical Society's ethics committee and SIAM. Mathematicians working with data may also want to consult guidelines produced by the statistical societies (e.g. the Royal Statistical Society's Code of Conduct and Data Ethics Special Interest Group).

For a source of discussion material around ethics and mathematics, potential starting points include

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