Irish Mathematical Society
Cumann Matamaitice na hÉireann
Ninth September Meeting

Queen's University Belfast September 2nd and 3rd 1996

The ninth Sepetmber meeting of the Irish Mathematical Society took place at Queen's University Belfast on Monday 2 and Tuesday 3 September 1996. It was held in Room 1022, David Bates Building, located next to the north-side entrance to Botanic Gardens.

There was a conference banquet on Monday (charge 18 pounds) in the University's Great Hall (Lanyon Building, main campus) at 7.30 pm preceded by a reception in the Canada Room at 7.00 pm. Bed and breakfast accommodation was available at Queen's Elms Halls of Residence, about 1 kilometre from the main campus at 18 pounds per night.

The start of the meeting was timed to allow travel by rail from Dublin on the Monday morning.

The conference fee of {\pounds}5 was waived for IMS members.

Here is the schedule for the meeting.

Monday 2 September 1996
10.15 TEA/ COFFEE , Registration
11.00 Welcoming address, Senior Pro-Vice-Chancellor,QUB
11.10 Dr C Nash (IMS Vice-President) Opening Remarks
11.15 Professor T T West (Trinity College Dublin)
Perron-Frobenius theorems for positive matrices
12.05 I Duntsch (University of Ulster)
Introduction to the rough set model for data analysis
12.35 M Marjoram (University College Dublin)
Irreducible characters of Sylow p-subgroups of classical groups
1.00 Lunch
2.15 Professor S J Tobin (University College Galway)
The Burnside saga
3.05 A Hughes (Trinity College Dublin)
A connection between Constructive Mathematics and Pure Mathematics in Computer Science
3.45 TEA/COFFEE break
4.15 Professor A G O'Farrell (St Patrick's College, Maynooth)
Algebras of smooth functions
4.55 Professor A D Wood (Dublin City University)
G G Stokes: the man and his phenomenon today
5.45 Close of session

Tuesday 3 September 1996
9.30 Dr. C. Nash (St. Patrick's College, Maynooth) Modular invariance of topological quantum field theories
10.20 Dr M Mac an Airchinnigh (Trinity College Dublin)
Some applications of algebraic topology in computer science
11.00 TEA/COFFEE break
11.30 Professor P D Barry (University College Cork)
Cross-currents in the development of geometry
12.10 Dr T A Gillespie (University of Edinburgh)
Making the most of quality assessmen
1.00 LUNCH
2.00 Professor S K Houston (University of Ulster)
The role of mathematical modelling in undergraduate courses
2.50 Dr S T Swift (Southampton)
Spaces of simplectic submanifolds
3.30 TEA/COFFEE break
4.00 K. Abadayeh
Semigroups associated to dynamical systems
4.30 Dr S Pabst (Dublin Institute of Technology)
On almost free abelian groups with trivial dual
5.00 Professor M Nishihara (Fukuoka University)
On holomorphic mappings of weak type

The organizers were Prof. A. Wickstead and Prof. D. Armitage, Mathematics Department, Queen's University Belfast.


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