Irish Mathematical Society
Cumann Matamaitice na hÉireann

13th September Meeting
  Department of Mathematics
NUI Maynooth
September 6-8, 2000
NUI Maynooth


All talks were in Callan Hall on the South Campus.

Wednesday 6th

09:45-10:00  Welcome address

10:00-11:00  Tom Carroll (UCC)
             Old and New on the Bass Note, the Torsion Function and the
             Hyperbolic Metric

11:00-11:30  Coffee

11:30-12:00  Martin Mathieu (QUB)
             Elementary Operators on Calkin Algebras

12:00-13:00  Terry Wall (Liverpool)
             The Geometry of Discriminants

13:00-14:30  Lunch 

14:30-15:30  John Wermer (Brown)
             The argument principle and boundaries of analytic varieties

15:30-16:00  Coffee

16:00-17:00  Fran Burstall (Bath)
             Harmonic Maps in Unfashionable Geometries

18:00-19:30  Reception in Renehan Hall

Thursday 7th

09:30-10:00  Donal Hurley (UCC)

10:00-11:00  Jost Eschenburg (Augsburg)
             Symmetry and Higher Rank Rigidity

11:00-11:30  Coffee

11:30-12:00  Eimear Byrne (UCC)
             Decoding a Class of Alternant Codes for the Lee Metric

12:00-13:00  Jim Sexton (TCD)
             Stability of the Lanczos Methods for Matrix

13:00-14:30  Lunch 

14:30-15:30  Julien Duval (Toulouse)
             Entropy of Endomorphisms of P^k(C)

15:30-16:00  Coffee

16:00-17:00  Jim Eells (Cambridge)
             Harmonic Maps between Riemannian Polyhedra

17:00-18:00  IMS Ordinary Meeting

19:15        Bus for dinner leaves College gates

19:30        Conference Dinner in Dowdstown Hotel

Friday 8th (talks by research students)

09:30-10:00  Gerhard Schick (QUB)
             First Steps towards a Theory of Spectrally Bounded Operators

10:00-10:30  Seamus Kelly (NUI Maynooth)
             The Elliptic Curve Method for Factoring

10:30-11:00  Coffee and Poster session set-up

11:00-11:30  Milena Venkova (UCD)
             Geometry of Q-reflexive Banach spaces

11:30-12:00  Michael Hayes (UL)
             The coating profile on a finite substrate after dip-coating

12:00-13:00  Poster Session open

13:00-14:00  Lunch

14:00-14:30  Katie O'Brien (UCC)
             Lexicodes and the Chain Condition

14:30-15:00  Bogdan Grecu (UCG)
             Extreme 2-Homogeneous Polynomials on the real l^p Spaces

15:00-15:30  Coffee and Poster session

15:30-16:00  Violeta Morari (UCC)
             Some Properties of the Neumann Operator

16:00-16:30  Thomas Unger (UCD)
             Surrogate forms of central simple algebras

16:30        Meeting ends

Meeting organised by:

Prof. Anthony G. O'Farrell
Phone: +353-1-708-3873
Dr. David Wraith
Phone: +353-1-708-3325

Dr. Ann O'Shea
Phone: +353-1-708-3766

Dr. Stephen Buckley (webmaster)
Phone: +353-1-708-3675

Address for all organisers
Department of Mathematics
National University of Ireland
Maynooth, Co. Kildare