BULLETIN Number 47 Winter 2001

ISSN 0791-5578

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Editorial PostScript
Notices from the Society
Officers and Local Representatives 1
Applying for IMS Membership 2
Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting, 4 September 2001 4
The 14th September Meeting
Programme 6
Abstracts 9
Announcements of meetings and conferences 8
Departmental News 11
Research Notes
Gary McGuire:
An Approach to Hensel's Lemma
Michael Elliott:
A Note on Two Operators
Janko Bracic:
Representations and Derivations of Modules
Survey Articles
Tom Carroll:
Old and New on the Bass Note,
the Torsion Function and the Hyperbolic Metric
Book Reviews 67
C.-K. Ng:
Operator Spaces by E. G. Effros and Z.-J. Ruan

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