Irish Mathematical Society

Cumann Matamaitice na hÉireann

BULLETIN Number 50 Special Volume 2003

Proceedings of the All Ireland Algebra Days 2001

ISSN 0791-5578

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Preface i
List of Organisers and Sponsors 1
Programme of the Meeting 2
List of Paricipants 5
Pere Ara:
Some Interfaces between Noncommutative Ring Theory and Operator Algebras
Kenneth A. Brown::
Symplectic Reflection Algebras
Alberto Facchini and Dolors Herbera:
Modules with only Finitely Many Direct Sum Decompositions up to Isomorphism
Robert M. Guralnick:
Rational Maps and Images of Rational Points of Curves over Finite Fields
Consuelo Martinez:
Simplicity of Jordan Superalgebras and Relations with Lie Structures
Federico Mengazzo:
The Number of Generators of a Finite Group

Abstracts of all Talks 129

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